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The Jaxx wallet is a renowned multi-currency wallet. It is being developed by Decentral. Decentral is a famous bitcoin company mostly recognized for their ATM’s, wallets and rest of the other services in the world of digital currency. The Cryptocurrency wallets have witnessed a significant growth due to the rising popularity of Digital currencies around the globe. The market is currently occupied with numerous digital currency wallets and Jaxx wallet is one of the most famous and best amongst them. It is prominently known for some factors such as cross pairing platform feature, easy-to-use interface, the client-side security practice, awesome design, ease-of-switch between stored coins, native camera scanning, master seed backup, and more. For more information, call on Jaxx customer support number and get fruitful assistance from the team of executives.

Jaxx Support Phone Number

Jaxx wallet USP is its ability to store more than 60 different coin including well renowned coins such as Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Ethereum (ETH). It is the first choice of the people who trade in a lot of different Cryptocurrencies. The wallet is designed in a manner that the user find it convenient to use and the interface is one of the best at the moment. It also offers the array of other features which are great of the users and helps Jaxx wallet gain the popularity.

The design is simple and there is nothing complex about the design which is a great aspect when compared with other multi currency wallets in the market today. Switching between currencies, sending and receiving money, entering addresses, scanning QR codes, all these things are very easy to do while using Jaxx wallet. Jaxx wallet will be simple to use even for the person who is absolutely new to it. It feels more like a walk in the park when using Jaxx. It is also accessible on various platforms which makes it all that wonderful. It can be accessed on Android, windows, iOS, Google chrome, Firefox extensions. It is always amazing to have the freedom to use such multi currency wallet on various platforms, be it on mobile or PC’s, Jaxx can be used anytime and anywhere. Get in touch with the team via Jaxx helpdesk number and get opportune results and remedies from the elite executives in no time.

It is always recommended to know that how safe is a multi currency wallet as it stores all your funds. Jaxx ensures that your wallet is secure by employing some strong security measures. Jaxx has taken all the necessary steps to ensure that the wallets are safe and out of reach of the online hackers. Private keys are directly stored on user devices which makes it impossible for others to control your funds, this particular point is a great feature of Jaxx wallet keeping in mind the online hackers these days. They have faced a few security related issues in the past which does not sit well with few users. Absence of two factor authentication is also one of the major reason for the lack of security.

Pros and Cons


  • Local keys:- The user always has full control over his funds as the Jaxx wallet keys are created in the user’s device itself thus making it impossible for the third party users to gain or access funds.

  • Simple and easy to use:- Jaxx is built on a very simple user interface which is easy to use even for the new comers. Due to this Jaxx is used by a lot of traders.

  • Seamless services:- The features and services are seamless which is really a massive positive point for all the users.

  • Wide range of crytpocurrencies:- Jaxx supports over 60 coins and makes it easier for the users to have control over their funds on a single platform.

  • Quick access:- It can be accessed quickly anywhere and at anytime. One only needs a computer or mobile to access Jaxx wallet.


  • Lack of 2 factor authentication:- Although it is still quite safe and secure but lack of 2 factor authentication makes some users circumspect about the security measures of Jaxx.

The support team of Jaxx is one of the most eminent in the industry at the moment. You can not only get in touch with them via email or through chat, you can also get support from their social media channels. The pro-active support and advanced assistance is appreciated by one and all. The company has a very transparent approach and even the bug issues are taken care of instantly.

To get answers at the comfort of your home, related to Jaxx, dial Jaxx customer phone number and get provided assistance in the short-interval of time. Jaxx has really benefited from the rise of Cryptocurrencies. Jaxx wallet is completely free no matter on which device you install it in and makes it very convenient to use. It is a unique platform that provides users with additional beneficial features which makes it different from other digital currency wallets and on top of everything Jaxx gives the users full control over their funds.

So all in all Jaxx is one of the leading e-wallets going around these days and if they add 2 factor authentication to their security system, it will make it the undisputed winner, the lack of 2 factor authentication is the only jinx in the armor for Jaxx. Overall it is a good package which will not leave the users disappointed.

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