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How To Send Money Through Bitcoin ATM: Stepwise Guidance

Just like ATMs for cash transactions, Bitcoin ATM are also installed for the users to withdraw cash from your wallet and send money from such machines. If you don’t have money in cash or not carrying your debit card, you can use Bitcoin ATM withdraw money or send to others.

Actually, to send money through Bitcoin you don’t need physical card like ATM or debit card you can do it with your phone with registered mobile number. And the entire process of sending money through Bitcoin ATM is not complicated, and below you can find the stepwise guidance to send the money through any Bitcoin ATM and you face any problem you can get the solution online Bitcoin Customer Support.

Send Money Bitcoin ATM

Steps to Send Money Through Bitcoin ATM:

Step 1: First of all you have to enroll to Bitcoin wallet account.

Step 2: And if you have account just login using your details.

Step 3: Now you have to Locate the nearest Bitcoin ATM.

Step 4: When you found the Bitcoin ATM, insert cash into the Bitcoin ATM.

Step 5: Now Enter Recipient’s Address to whom you want to send money.

Step 6: Now follow the instructions on the kiosk screen of the ATM machine.

Step 7: And here you need to indicate the Bitcoin wallet address of the recipient.

Step 8: The recipient receives the equivalent amount of Bitcoin into their wallet.

While sending money from Bitcoin ATM, if you are using Coinsource ATM you don’t get charged a miner’s fee since as Coinsource pays all miner’s fees whenever you use their kiosks to buy Bitcoin, sell Bitcoin, or send cash. However, if you are using Bitcoin ATM other than, Coinsource, you might be charged while sending money to anyone using the Bitcoin ATM machine.

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And the recipient on the other hand has numerous options on how to convert the Bitcoin into the cash that they received into their account, only when they want. And if you are using the Coinsource best way to do this is by using a Coinsource Bitcoin ATM to convert the Bitcoin to cash and withdraw it.

Call Bitcoin ATM Customer Support Number for Technical Issues

However, if you face any kind of technical problem while using or sending the money from Bitcoin ATM, you can take help from experts. And to get in touch with cryptocurrency experts you have to call at Bitcoin ATM Customer Service Number, and share your few details with the technicians. These certified Bitcoin ATM experts, can easily help you in solving the Bitcoin ATM related various problems. And if you face Bitcoin related any other issues, you also get instant and assured solution with such experts.