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How to Recover Forgot Wallet Identifier in Blockchain?

If you are using the Blockchain you should have been using the wallet to use it for transferring for fund while trading in cryptocurrencies. A wallet identifier which is also known as a wallet ID, is like a username which you have to use every time when you login into your wallet.

Actually, when you sign up for a Blockchain wallet, you receive an email containing your wallet identifier and that prompts you to verify your email address. If you not receive this email or do not know your Blockchain wallet identifier for any other reason, If Crypto Customer Care services are there to offer assistance and any time call Blockchain customer care. You can follow the steps given below that will help you in login if you forgot wallet identifier Blockchain account.


Steps to Login if Forgot Wallet Identifier Blockchain:

Step 1: If you know the email, then go to” and insert your email address to login.

Step 2: Now you will receive an email that contains their identifiers on your email address.

Step 3: If you do not know the email address associated with your wallet, or do not have access to that email account, move to next step.

Step 4: Actually, if you did not receive an email, means there are no wallets associated with that email address.

Step 5: You can check your mail properly as it may also, in rare cases, signify an email delivery issue.

Step 6: If you are certain that there is at least one wallet associated with your email address, and you are still not receiving the mail.

Step 7: If you have your 12-word recovery phrase, you can use it to restore access to your funds.

Step 8: It will create a copy of your original wallet; this new wallet will have a new wallet identifier.

Note: Please note that imported addresses are not backed up by the recovery phrase and will not be restored.

Call Blockchain Customer Support Number for Wallet Issues

These steps can help you login into Blockchain wallet identifier, however if there is any problem or you not able to recover forgot wallet identifier Blockchain you need help of an expert. And to assistance of a Blockchain expert you have to call at Blockchain number where team of certified technicians will take your system remotely and help you to login into your Blockchain wallet through wallet identifier. These tech experts can also help you to solve the Blockchain related various other issues affecting this platform.

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