Bitcoin ATM Customer Service number

How To Use Bitcoin ATM Machine: Stepwise Guidance

Bitcoin is become more liquid with multiple options to use this for buying more cryptocurrencies or send money or Bitcoin through wallet. And now Bitcoin become more accessible and handy through ATM machines. And you can use Bitcoin ATM to send or withdraw money to anyone.

What is a Bitcoin ATM?

A Bitcoin ATM is a machine that allows people to buy Bitcoins with hard cash. Some machines allow selling of Bitcoins for money, but these kind of machines are often hard to find nearby you. But nowadays in many countries you can easily find that and use to withdraw cash or send money. If you need help then contact Bitcoin customer care and how to use the Bitcoin you need carry ATM, instead follow few steps discussed below.

using bitcoin atm machines

Steps to Use Bitcoin ATM Machine:

Step 1: First of all open the QR code for your Bitcoin wallet on a smartphone.

Step 2: Now you can get a Bitcoin wallet from Coinbase if you don’t already have one!

Note: Don’t forget to download Coinbase’s app for iPhone or Android from the AppStore or GooglePlay.

Step 3: Here you need to run the QR code under the bitcoin ATM machine’s scanner.

Step 4: Now enters the amount of cash to be exchanged for Bitcoins.

Step 5: Just wait here for the machine to process the transaction and give out a confirmation.

Step 6: Now check your Bitcoin wallet to see if the Bitcoins transaction is processed.

Using the Bitcoin ATM machines are very easy and intuitive. However, there are limited Bitcoin ATM machines installed around the world. Though there are still not that much Bitcoin ATM machines going around, it’s not that hard to imagine that we will see more of these machines in the near future.

Call Bitcoin ATM Customer Support for Online Help

If you face any kind of technical problem while using the Bitcoin ATM, and you need help, you can call 1-844-517-3111 at Bitcoin ATM customer support number. Once you call on this customer support helpline number, you will be assistance by the cryptocurrency expert to deal with such issues. And this online helpline customer support expert can also help you solve Bitcoin related various other problems.