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How to Set up Blockchain Lockbox: Stepwise Guidance

Blockchain lockbox is a hardware device, but to use this maneuver you need to connect with your computer and run a set certain settings and enable the functions to get access and use for storing funds to transfer to any other account. But make sure to use the lockbox you need to have Blockchain wallet account, so if you don’t have first get the Blockchain wallet number.

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Now to setup Blockchain lockbox you will have a Lockbox device, A USB cable and an instruction manual, that will help you to setup this device into your computer. Once you have your Lockbox, you can transfer funds from your web wallet to your Lockbox. The advantage of this is that your funds are more secure on the Lockbox than they are in the web wallet.

Blockchain Lockbox

Steps to Set Up Blockchain Lockbox to Put Funds:

Step 1: First of all plug the lockbox into the USB port of a computer that has the web wallet installed on it.

Step 2: Now sign into the web wallet.

Step 3: Here you need to Click “Send” and choose which cryptocurrency you want to send.

Step 4: Now in the “From” dropdown menu, choose which sub-wallet you want to send funds from.

Step 5: Here in the “To” field, select your Lockbox.

Note: This option will only appear if the Lockbox is plugged into the computer.

Step 6: Now select how much you want to transfer and click “Continue” to complete the transaction.

Step 7: Finally, the your cryptocurrency is on the Lockbox, you can enjoy its features.

Blockchain Lockbox

However, you can still transfer funds easily from the Lockbox using the web wallet, but only if you have the device with you. Though, Blockchain lockbox supports the multiple cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, BCH and XLM. But to use lockbox you have to connect your device with right process as per your computer OS otherwise it will not work and you will not get any access.

Call Blockchain Customer Support Number for Lockbox Setup

And while setting the Blockchain if you face any kind of technical problem, or you need help you have to take help from experts. So the best option to resolve this is call at Blockchain support number and allow the remote access of your computer in which you are using the lockbox. The certified technician will definitely help you to set up Blockchain lockbox and solve related issues.

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