How to Send Bitcoin Cash To Bitcoin Cash Address on Blockchain?

When you have the wallet account with Blockchain you get the multiple benefits of utilizing your cryptocurrency transaction. If you have Bitcoin in the cash, you can send it to Bitcoin wallet or Bitcoin address to keep it at safer place and enjoy the Bitcoin cash for other transactions.

Sending Bitcoin cash to Bitcoin address is not that much difficult, you just need to follow the right steps as given here. Actually, there are certain restrictions for few users, mainly you don’t have completely verified their account or Gold level users can do this without any permission. Anyway, just the follow the steps given below and send the Bitcoin cash to Bitcoin address on your Blockchain account. If any issues then call Bitcoin helpline number.

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Steps to send Bitcoin Cash to Bitcoin Cash Address:

Step 1: First of login into your Blockchain account you are using for Bitcoin trade.

Step 2: Now Click on Send and select Bitcoin Cash from the Currency drop-down menu.

Step 3: Here if you have multiple wallets, you can choose the wallet from which you want to in the From drop-down menu.

Step 4: Now in the To field, paste the recipient’s address OR scan the recipient’s QR code.

Note: Again please make sure that you are sending Bitcoin Cash to a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) address, and not to a Bitcoin address.

send bitcoin cash to bitcoin address

Step 5: Here you just need to enter the amount you want to send.

Step 6: Now once you’re ready to send, click Continue to review the details of your transaction.

Step 7: Once you have verified your transaction details, click Send Bitcoin Cash to send the funds.

Step 8: If Not ready to send? Click the X in the upper-right corner to close the window.

Step 9: And f you need to modify your transaction details, like the recipient’s address or the amount, select Go Back to return to the previous step.

Step 10: Now to monitor any incoming and outgoing Bitcoin Cash transactions, visit the Bitcoin Cash tab in the left navigation of your wallet.

These are the simple and easy-to-follow steps to send the Bitcoin cash to Bitcoin cash address. Anyway, if you face and kind of problem, just review the entire steps and follow again carefully. However, if you still failed to send the Bitcoin cash to Bitcoin address and need help, you can take online assistance from Blockchain support experts who will tell you how to send the Bitcoin cash to Bitcoin cash address.

Call Blockchain Customer Support Number for Bitcoin Cash Transfer Issue

To get the quick and assured online solution for the problem you are facing while sending the Bitcoin cash to Bitcoin cash address, just dial the Blockchain support number and get online assistance. You will be assisted by the highly skilled and experienced cryptocurrency experts who will check the issue and help you to complete this process without any problem. These experts can also help you if you are facing Blockchain or cryptocurrency related any other issue with complete safety and your privacy.