How To Reset 2fa On Blockchain: Step-by-step Guidance

Blockchain technology is known for security and safety of users while trading in cryptocurrencies or at the time of using the wallet for fund transfer or sending the cryptocurrency to other. 2FA or two-factor-authentication is an extra piece of layer to protect your Blockchain account from unauthorized access.

But, if forget or lost the 2fa you will be not able to get access of your Blockchain account. However, if you have some other details to verify your account you can reset the 2fa on Blockchain and enjoy the trouble-free access of your account with secured trading. Find here below the guidelines to reset 2fa on Blockchain with step-by-step guidance by experts.

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Blockchain 2FA Reset

Steps for Blockchain 2fa Reset:

Step 1: First of all visit, to our 2FA reset request form:

Step 2: Here you need to fill the form with your Blockchain account details.

Step 3: Now enter your “Wallet Id” and your registered email address.

Step 4: If you don’t have access to your registered mail or want to change move to next step.

Step 5: Now enter the new mailing address in the “New Email” field and click on continue.

Step 6: Here you need to enter the “Captcha” and click “reset”

After entering all the required details when you submit the form your request goes for pending and you have to wait for the approval. Actually, the entire process is automated and includes a mandatory wait time before being approved. And when you submit the form a notification that a pending 2FA reset request is in progress will be sent to the wallet’s associated email address.

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Here, the mail sent to you will find the options Approve Request and Decline Request. If you click Approve Request, means you’re confirming the reset which was initiated by you, plus your reset request wait time will be reduced. However, it does not mean your request will be approved immediately. You still have to wait and will be notified by the mail on this mail account.

Blockchain 2FA Reset

While on the other hand if you click Decline Request or meanwhile anyhow if you able to successfully logging into the wallet while the reset request is in progress, you will automatically cancel the reset request and your 2fa reset request to the security center will be closed immediately.

Call Blockchain Support Number for 2fa Reset Issues

Here, if you not able to reset 2fa on Blockchain or facing any kind of technical problems you need help from experts to deal with this problem. So, you can freely call at Blockchain customer support number and get online assistance by Blockchain experts to check the issue and help you in resetting the 2fa on your Blockchain account. These tech experts will also help you in solving the various kind of other technical issues affecting the Blockchain account including wallet or trading with cryptocurrencies.

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