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How to Receive Funds to Your Blockchain Lockbox?

If you are using lockbox devices you will also face inconsistent connection while using the Blockchain wallet. And owing to this some functions like lockbox setup, managing applications, and sending funds from the device is affected. However, funds can be still be received and are supported the 24-word recovery phrase.

Hence, if you are looking to receive funds from a friend or third party, you have to share your receiving address with them. Once your Blockchain Lockbox has been paired with your web wallet, you don’t need to connect while receiving funds, you can generate a new address directly from your wallet.

And this will allow you to receive funds to your hardware wallet even if you do not have it on you at the moment. However, if you still face problem while receiving the fund you can follow the steps given below that will help you to retrieve your Lockbox receiving address.

set up blockchain lockbox

Steps to receiving funds into Blockchain Lockbox:

Step 1: First of all click on Request in the top of your wallet.

Step 2: Now from the Currency drop-down menu.

Step 3: Here you have to select the cryptocurrency you would like to receive.

Step 4: Now in the Receive To drop-down menu, choose your Lockbox wallet.

Step 5: Here, Just Click Copy to copy the newly generated address to your clipboard.

Step 6: Now share with the sender OR click View QR Code so the sender can scan your address’ QR code directly from your phone.

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Actually, your Lockbox wallet is built with a hierarchical deterministic framework, that means it generates a new address every time you want to receive Bitcoin or Bitcoin cash. And each address generated by your wallet will remain valid forever, so you can reuse addresses. But make sure to keep your transaction history more private while using a new address for every transaction.

Call Blockchain Customer Support Number for Lockbox Issues

Here while receiving the funds if you still face any problem or not able to receive funds you need to take help from professionals who will address such problems better. Actually dealing with Blockchain technology is very complicated and while dealing with online funds you need to be very careful and fix such problems with help of experts. So, here you can call at Blockchain phone number and share your details to solve the Blockchain not receiving funds problem with complete safety.

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