blockchain wallet bitcoin non spendable

How to Make or Covert Blockchain Wallet Bitcoin Non-Spendable?

In your Blockchain wallet you can hold cryptocurrencies to use as a fund transfer or make payments while purchasing various things. You are free to hold or use your Blockchain wallet, if you have Bitcoin customer care into your wallet, it is one of the most valuable and highly liquid cryptocurrency in the world.

You can use your Bitcoin wallet but sometimes you can face the situation where your wallet will show Blockchain wallet Bitcoin non spendable, means you cannot spend your Bitcoin or use for making any kind of transaction. This could be happened when your account is hacked, or due to some technical errors. But if you follow the steps given below, you can convert Bitcoin into spendable.

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Steps to Covert Non-spendable Bitcoin Blockchain:

Step 1: First of all login into your account check your unconfirmed transactions on Blockchain.

Step 2: Now click on any hash id which will show the breakup of the different transaction under that transaction id.

Step 3: Here, we have the two wallets that received some btc under this transaction id, lets click on the wallet address that received the bigger amount i.e. 0.42312742 BTC.

Step 4: With full details of this wallet address this is a fresh wallet as it only has just one transaction which is yet unconfirmed.

Step 5: Now click on the clipboard icon in front of the wallet id and it will be copied to our clipboard.

Step 6: Here navigate to your own wallet that we opened for this demonstration.

Step 7: Now click on Settings and the Wallet & Addresses.

Step 8: Here your will open and see the new page on the screen.

Blockchain Wallet Bitcoin Non Spendable

Step 9: At this new window you will see default BTC wallet in this Blockchain account.

Step 10: Here you can get option to create another wallet within this same account.

Step 11: If you don’t need that you can Import Bitcoin Address.

Step 12: Or out of these two options, import exisiting address generated in this wallet.

Step 13: As soon as we click the second option, new options appear in the same pop up.

Note: Blockchain shows a warning in blue that this feature is only to be used by advanced users, means the users who have good understanding of Blockchain technology.

Step 14: Just paste the wallet address copied from the Blockchain explorer and in it is optional if you want to label this wallet, it is same like captioning an image.

Step 15: Now hit the import button and you have successfully imported that wallet into this address and created the Non-Spendable BTC in this wallet.

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Call Blockchain Customer Support Number for Bitcoin Wallet Issues

All the steps are quite lengthy but if you follow all of them step-by-step you can easily convert the non-spendable Bitcoin into spendable into your account. However, meanwhile if you face any problem you can call at Blockchain support phone number where you will get immediate online assistance by experts who will help you in making your non-spendable Bitcoin into spendable. These experts will also help you in solving the Blockchain or cryptocurrency related various other problems.