blockchain wallet not working

How to Fix Blockchain Wallet Not Working Issue?

Blockchain wallet is becoming popular due to rise in volume and users base in trading the cryptocurrencies. However, owing to more functions added into such virtual pocket or because of unexpected technical glitches wallet use get affected.

The most common problem users face when blockchain wallet not working which now allows them to neither use the get access of their wallet account nor use the balance in the wallet. If such issues comes you need to address the problem with right instructions. Below you can find several methods to fix the Blockchain not working problem.

Methods to Solve or Fix Blockchain Wallet Not Working Issues

blockchain wallet not working

Use Funds Recovery Option

If you don’t able to recover your funds from your Blockchain wallet, this is another problem you can face with your Blockchain wallet use. To recover the funds from Blockchain wallet you need first go to security center and enter the Backup funds section.

However, here you money will recover to an entirely new wallet. Additionally, the system will generate a new wallet ID for you and in general, this feature also works in the same manner for all types of wallet, including Blockchain wallet. This will provide you access to your money, buit make sure to keep the details secured and offline.

Fix the DNS Related Issues

Sometimes due to DNS related issues, you face problem while accessing your Blockchain wallet. Actually, DNS identifies the website IP address and you can make use of this to remember your data easily. It is just like webpage phonebook and your ISP also provides such service. Hence to so you need to clear the local DNS cache which will launch and load the latest cache of your ISP and also remember ever system OS has different settings.

Reset 2FA Option on your Account

2FA works as an additional layer of security. And owing to 2FA related issues, Blockchain wallet not works. Hence, if you lost your Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), you need to choose the alternate option like get the codes via instant SMS.

And you can request the 2FA in certain situations like – when you lose your device, device not working or stops functioning, you not able to access your verified email or you have verification code delivery or delay issue. So, you can also receive the code through Google Authenticator APP and Yubikey. And to avoid such issue you also need to keep 2FA access updated.

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Solve Browser Related Problems

Web browsers also create problems in using or while accessing the Blockchain wallet. Here first start with refreshing the site by pressing the CTRL+F5 button on your keyboard. If it doesn’t works, you can clear your browser’s history including cookies and cache files that helps to show you the latest or refreshed contents of your website.

Hope these points will help you to solve your Blockchain wallet app not working problem. However, if you Blockchain wallet is still not working or not allowing the access you can call at Blockchain customer care number and get online assistance to fix the issue with the help of experts to use your Blockchain wallet without any interruption. These experts will provide you remote based assistance to fix the issue with complete safety and precautions.

blockchain wallet not working

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