Bitcoin ATM Not Scanning-QR

How to Solve Bitcoin ATM Not Scanning QR Code Issue: Stepwise Guidance

Bitcoin ATM Support is the ATM machine for the Bitcoin users to withdraw money, transfer money or buy Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. And, every time when you use the Bitcoin ATM, you have to scan a QR code to verify your account and complete the transaction successfully. The QR code contains the hidden secret code that verifies the users, to make sure there is no unauthorized use of Bitcoin ATM machine.

However, sometimes this QR code not works, means when you scan the code, you could face a problem or your phone’s camera is unable to read the code, resulting your transaction is failed and you cannot complete your Bitcoin ATM transaction. To deal with such solution we brought for you a solution with stepwise guidance to help you successfully scan the QR code and complete the transaction.

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Steps to Fix Bitcoin ATM Not Scanning QR Code Error:

Step 1: First of all clean your phone’s camera lenses for clear vision.

Step 2: Now increase the brightness on your phone all the way up.

Step 3: Now make sure that the background of the QR code is white.

Step 4: If your phone have a “Night Mode” option it can turn screens dark.

Step 5: Now disable this option before continuing if you are experiencing issues.

Step 6: Here you need to carefully hold your phone against the glass window at least for 5 seconds.

Step 7: Now remove the phone, the cash receptor should turn blue.

Step 8: Here you need to make sure your QR code is fully visible on the screen and not cut off.

Step 9: Now you can purchase cryptocurrency using the Bitcoin ATM.

Step 10: But make sure use the correct address, to avoid failure of the transaction.

Bitcoin ATM Not Scanning-QR

If you are buying the Bitcoin the address will start with either a “1”, “3”, or “bc1”. And similarly every cryptocurrency has its own unique address and you need to use the correct one to avoid transaction failure. Most of the times, QR code scanning problem is due to incapability of your phone’s camera to read the code correctly, from Bitcoin ATM end, there is no such errors, as it auto generated code.

Call Bitcoin ATM Customer Support Number for QR Code Scanning Issue

Anyway, if you still face the similar issue and Bitcoin ATM not scanning QR code you can again process all the steps, so that the QR code get changed. But you need to again follow all steps and may be asked to try after sometime due to suspicion of unauthorized transactions. Hence, you can call at Bitcoin customer support number and get online assistance by the experts. And these expert will help you instantly to solve your problem and make your Bitcoin ATM transaction successful or solve other technical issues.