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How to Fix Binance Response Code Error 400?

This is one of the most common error comes with Binance that can caused by several things, so you need to find the right troubleshooting process to deal with such problems. Actually, there are various reasons behind such errors, like loading configuration and fetch my trades etc.

Binance Response Code Error 400

This error can come while trading through Binance exchange or at the time of executing the transferring the fund or wallet etc. There are several steps involved to fix the Binance response code error 400 which are discussed below.

Steps to Fix Binance Response Code 400:

Step 1: Check and make sure you have funds in your base coin. You can fix it by adding BTC to your Binance account (in the case you are using BTC as base coin).

Step 2: Make sure your pairs are correctly added. Actually, if you put BTC_ETH instead of BTC-ETH, this error 400 appears.

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Step 3: Also check Api keys whether they are correctly added or configured or not. And make sure you have added your key as both master and non master per exchange. Check your API permission settings, that should be always enabled to allow the permissions except withdrawal.

Step 4: And you also need to check it everything else fails, maybe your Api key is broken, change it for a new one to avoid such issues.

Step 5: Apart from that you also need to check that is your firewall is not blocking ports 3000, 5000 or 5001. If there is such blocking enabled, change the firewall settings to allow the specif ports to allow the access on your system.

Step 6: This could be the one of the oldest and most popular troubleshooting process, just restart your computer and try again, as in some cases it works and fix such issues.

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Step 7: If the error comes again, try a fresh install on your system. But follow the right instructions best suitable as per your computer and your Binance account. Sometimes we add a lot of pairs and we do a lot of changes, then it’s very hard to find the root problem.

Step 8: If you tried all the above methods and still face this error you can check your system’s clock time and date. Just adjust the data and time to “set time automatically” and change your computer’s time 5 minutes ahead and then enable “ set time automatically” and restart your system, it will help you to restore the several settings and fix this error code.

If all the above discussed steps are not helpful in solving the problem casuing binance response code error 400 then you can call at Binance phone number and get online assistance by experts to fix such issues and enjoy the trouble-free trading with Binance.

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