Bitcoin wallet is a virtual account using that you can send or receive your bitcoin. Bitcoin is one of the highly liquid cryptocurrency, you can trade or invest and transfer through wallet account.  And wallet is a kind of holder in which you can keep your money in various denominations.

While here Bitcoin wallet is here virtual holder can keep your bitcoin that you can sue while making payments or transferring into others account. To use and access your wallet you have to create a Bitcoin wallet account and you will get key to use every time when you login or make transactions.

If you don’t have Bitcoin wallet and want to know how to open a binance wallet account you can find the steps given below with online helpline number.


Steps on How to Create A Bitcoin Wallet Account:

Step 1: First of all visit at’s Wallet Website and make sure visit right URL.

Step 2: Now fill you details and complete the Sign-Up Process by registering with your valid email id and unique password. Make sure keep a strong password and don’t share with anyone.

Step 3: Now click on the “Continue” button to proceed you will receive a confirmation mail with link.

Step 4: Here you have keep Backup Your Paraphrase using the “Security Center”.

Step 5:  And to complete that navigate on the left side of your dashboard of the website and click “Backup Phrase.” This is the first level in securing your bitcoin wallet.

Note: It’s recommended to take a print of the “Recovery Sheet” and write down your 12-word recovery phrase somewhere. Store the Recovery Sheet in a safe location.

Step 6: Now you have to link mobile number and enable 2FA to add an extra layer to your security.

Step 7:  Finally you have secure the final level in your “Security Center”. To do that you have to block the IP addresses from the TOR network.

Step 8: Now you can request Bitcoin into your account and you will receive the cryptocurrency from other account holders.

Step 9: You can import a paper wallet to start trading with receiving bitcoin into your wallet.

Step 10: And to do that go to your dashboard and click on “Request” to gain access to your Bitcoin address.

These are the simple steps you can create or open a new Bitcoin wallet account. However, there might be some issues if you not follow the steps carefully or make any kind of mistake. Just confirm your mail account and you can use your Bitcoin wallet to transfer money and do other transactions.

Call Bitcoin Customer Support Number for Wallet Issues

If you face any kind of problem while creating a Bitcoin wallet account you can take help from experts who will help you to open a new wallet account successfully. To get online help, call at Bitcoin support number and Bitcoin will assist you remotely to resolve the technical problems stopping you in creating a Bitcoin wallet account and also resolve Bitcoin wallet related various other problems.

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