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How To Backup Blockchain Wallet: Step-by-Step Guide

If you are trading in Blockchain and using the wallet account you need to keep a backup of this as it contain your funds details. Actually, it contains, the private keys in your wallet and you can backup and restore your wallet to get access of your fund.

Actually, it is kind of taking the backup offline, where you have to write down your Backup Phrase which is also known as your recovery phrase, need to keep it somewhere safe offline, handwritten safe from unauthorized use. So, we have described here the entire process of taking the Blockchain wallet with step-by-step wise guidance and reference to get online Blockchain number help to deal with such issues.

Steps to Backup Blockchain Wallet:

Step 1: First of navigate to your Security Center.

Step 2: Now click on Backup Phrase will be the third section, at the bottom.

Step 3: Here you can choose to print the backup sheet template we created, or use your own.

Step 4: Now “Click Backup Funds” to begin writing down your phrase.

Step 5: Here each screen will show you 4 words at a time.

Step 6: Make sure write them exactly as they appear and in the proper order.

Step 7: Now Click Next 4 Words to continue until you’ve written all 12 words down.

Step 8: Here you have “Click Finish & Verify” once you’ve written down all 12 words.

Step 9: Now you will be asked to type in a random selection of four of your backup words to verify it has been written down correctly.

Step 10: Finally, at the last just Click Confirm. Congrats, your wallet is now backed up!

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Using these steps you can get the backup of your Blockchain wallet and once you backup you can use restore this anywhere using the backup words. It will help you recover all funds from the imported addresses, but funds from your imported addresses are not backed up by your backup phrase. Hence, to ensure they are backed up, you will need to transfer these funds directly into your wallet.

Call Blockchain Customer Support Number for Wallet Backup Issues

If you failed to take the backup of your Blockchain wallet account you can call at Blockchain wallet number and get online assistance by experts to deal with such issues. Calling at this online helpline number be explain the whole process and also fix if there is any kind of technical problem stopping you to use the Blockchain wallet or its services.

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