Binance Withdrawal Suspended

How Fix Binance Withdrawal Suspended Error?

Binance exchange offers one of the best online platform to trade in cryptocurrencies. If you authenticated account with Binance, you use the same for trading into various cryptocurrencies. And you can deposit or withdraw fund from your Binance without any restrictions.

However, sometimes owing to security reasons the withdrawal function may be temporarily suspended stopping you to utilize the funds for mobilization from one account to another account. Actually, one of the main reasons the withdrawal function will be suspended for 24 hours after you have changed the password or disable the SMS/Google authentication after logged in.

Or sometimes the withdrawal function will be suspended for 48 hours after you have reset your SMS/Google authentication, unlock your account or change your account email. The withdrawal function will be resumed automatically when the time is up or call Binance Helpline Number.

However, if there is any kind of unusual activities in your account, the withdrawal function will also be temporarily disabled. There will be an error message in the user center and you need to fix this error by following the steps given below resuming the suspension of your account.

Binance Withdrawal Suspended

Steps to Fix Binance Withdrawal Suspended Error:

Step 1: First of all when you see the error message click the message, the pop-up window will guide you to go through the verification in order to resume the withdrawal function.

Step 2: Now click [Verify Now] after reading the content in the prompt message to initiate the whole process.

Step 3: If the account has not completed identity verification yet, after clicking [Verify now], the system will guide you to the identity verification page.

Step 4: Now after selecting the identity verification type (personal or enterprise), follow the instructions on the page to complete account identity verification.

Step 5: Here you need to verify your Binance account to proceed to next action.

Step 6: Now after completing the account verification, you’ll need to wait for the review.

Step 7: Once the verification has been approved, the account withdrawal function will be resumed.

Step 8: If your account has already completed identity verification, after clicking [Verify now], the system will guide you to the facial verification page.

Here if you choose to complete the facial verification through the website, or move your mouse on [Use mobile phone], then open the Binance mobile app to scan the QR code on the page and complete the facial verification.

Points To Consider to Verify Facial Verification:

  • Check your network connection
  • Please do not wear a hat or glasses
  • Please do not edit your pictures or put watermarks
  • Please do the verification in a good lighting condition
  • Synchronize the time on your mobile phone and computer
  • Make sure the mobile app is not intercepted by any security software

Call Binance Customer Support Number for Withdrawal Issues

Here after completing the facial verification, you have to wait for the review. Once the verification has been approved, the account withdrawal function will be resumed and you can enjoy the trouble-free trading into your Binance account. However, if your account withdrawal is not resumed you can take online help by calling at Binance customer support number. This online assistance will also help you to resolve the Binance related various problems with complete safety and precautions.