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How is Data Stored in The Ledger in Blockchain?

Storing the data on Blockchain is one of the major problem people face while doing transactions through Blockchain. In other cases cloud storage can be used to store the huge amount of data. While in case of Blockchain the story is different, as there should be the entry of data in the ledger account.

Actually, Blockchain support already have its own database or ledger that is shared across a network. This ledger is full encrypted in such way that only authorized users can get the access of data. As, the data is shared, the records is full secured. Thus, the data will not be held by a single entity. It provides many areas of application and here we see how it will serve as a better alternative to store data.


Storing Hashes on the Blockchain

It could be one of the easiest way to store data on the Blockchain. Yes, using the hash of the data can solve your data storage problem. A hash is a generated string that is computed using our data is input. With the same input, the output hash will always be the same. The raw data can be stored in any way we want and other input does result in another hash.

Use the Subset to Store Data on Blockchain

Yes you can use the subset of the data is stored decentralized instead of stored in a central database. As we can get back those benefits to a certain degree, by storing the hash of the data and parts of the data on the blockchain. And depending on the parts of the data we get back some transparency, because the data is now publicly accessible again.

Store Using the Traditional Database

Yes, you can use the most traditional way storing the data available in the digital format. MySQL or even a, a little bit more modern, MongoDB could be the best option you can sue to store the data on Blockchain. There are pros and cons of this method that you can read in next para.

The best part of this mode is strong querying capabilities and cheap storage for large amounts of data. While, on the other hand disadvantage of this method of data storage is single point of failure, controlled by one central authority and missing transparency.

data storage in blockchain

Use the Distributed Database

In a distributed database, the data is simulated across many nodes in many locations. This does create a redundancy in case of failure of a single machine. It also can reduce invisibility for world-scale applications. This data storage option also has some benefits and disadvantages.

Distributed database has strong enough querying capabilities and cheap storage for large amounts of data compared to Blockchain with redundancy of the data. However, it has some drawbacks like it is controlled by one central authority and missing transparency.

Use of Distributed Filesystem

The last but not the least, yes this could be one of the best option to data storage in Blockchain. Yes, distributed filesystems store their files across many machines, as well. Again, this is to create redundancy in case of a failure.

Though, the difference to distributed databases is, that a file system does not have the strong query capabilities. Instead, files can only be accessed by knowing the name/path of the file. While on the other hand, some distributed file-systems like IPFS are meant as a community effort.

Just like with Blockchain there is a public network where everybody can store their files. The difference here is, that not everybody has to store a copy of the data. As, redundancy of x copies is considered enough.

The pros of this method is storage for large amounts of data compared to Blockchain, redundancy of the data, transparency and decentralizing. While it has no query capabilities, it would be not possible to run the customize query and extract the desired data using the commands etc.

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