Cryptopia Customer Serivce Phone Number

Cryptopia Support Phone Number | 1-844-517-3111

Cryptopia is a digital currency exchange based in New Zealand. Established in 2014, it is all-in-one style exchange and trading platform. It is New Zealand based Cryptocurrency exchange built by Adam Clark and Rob Dawson offering users with a platform to trade bitcoin along with hundreds of other cryptocurrencies. Dial Cryptopia customer support number which is always functional all the time.

Cryptopia Support Phone Number

It is accentuated around crypto. Cryptopia is extremely popular for providing users with a chance to trade currencies that they don’t usually find on other exchanges. Atmos, Spectrecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin are some of the most renowned currencies that Cryptopia offers. The significant strength of Cryptopia lies in the variety of different cryptocurrencies and altcoins that one can trade in. More and more crypto tokens are added all the time to take the number of tokens available to over 400 currently.

Cryptopia is indisputably an innovative invention and is built with innovative approach to provide users with the best experience, market place being one such innovations where users can buy or sell the goods and services they choose. Users can even set up an auction.

There is also another impressive feature that allows users to compare the rates offered by other exchanges. This amazing feature is very handful given that as of yet there isn’t any set methodology for fixing spot prices in the Cryptocurrency markets. The spot prices are entirely based on the current supply and demand. They have come up with many features to woo the vast majority of traders. Cryptopia also gives you chance to win cryptocurrencies on daily basis with their feature known as Lottery. Users can not only win on daily basis but they can have be the winners at the end of month with monthly lotteries being in existence too.

Cryptopia can be used by anyone in the world if they have a verified account. It’s easy to sign up and the process is hassle free. Although one might feel that they could enhance their interface just that little bit to provide users with much better experience but apart from that it’s easy and nice to use. The transfers that users make must be done from the accounts of New Zealand banks as the only fiat currency supported by Cryptopia is New Zealand dollars. For any sort of queries and troubles, feel free to call on Cryptopia helpdesk number which is at work around the clock and the team is always responsive.

Fees incurred

The users must pay transfer fees while using Cryptopia. User will have to pay fees for transferring cryptocurrencies from one wallet to another. There is no fixed fee as it depends on the currencies being transferred. Even if you are making the withdrawals it is also counted as transferring so users will have to pay fees for this as well. Fortunately the transferring of altcoins between users on Cryptopia is absolutely free.

Pros and Cons


  • Offers with good value for money :- there are offers that are highly potential of having incredibly great value for money.

  • Zero fee transfers between users :- Users are charged nothing for making transfers between themselves and can make as much transfer as they want.

  • Multiple products and services :- Cryptopia is blessed with astounding range of products and services which is always wonderful both for the users and the organisation.

  • Simplest possible verification :- Signing up or verifying the account is a satisfying experience in Cryptopia. The account can be verified just by an email.

  • Innovative features :- Features such as marketplace, arbitrage and lottery are the USP of Cryptopia and if used properly can be very beneficial for the users.

  • Users are given an opportunity to trade in incredibly wide range of cryptocurrencies.


  • Only one fiat currency transfer available :- Users can only make fiat currency transfer using New Zealand dollars which is probably the biggest flaw of Cryptopia.

  • Slow transfer speed :- The transaction speed is very slow when compared with the big boys of cryptocurrency exchanges in the market.


Any personal data or information such as IP addresses is not collected by Cryptopia. The security is functioned by HTTPS security certificate which certainly ensures the safety and takes every possible measure to keep the users accounts from any kind of jeopardy from the hacking bugs. Cryptopia enjoys a significant user base which speaks volumes about the trust that users have bestowed upon it. To be more assured Cryptopia also recommends users to activate two factor authentications for that extra layer of security which keeps your account safe.

For more information related to Cryptopia, call on Cryptopia helpline number which is always functional and operative throughout the year. Cryptopia is not just a Cryptocurrency exchange but way more than that. Cryptopia, an all-in-one Cryptocurrency exchange aims at enhancing the usefulness of cryptocurrencies. It offers a variety of services to its users be it individuals or businesses. It also offers a hefty number of altcoins and other unorthodox features.

 Its unorthodoxy is its biggest strength and it provides users with unparalleled Innovation. They even have a chat support system where the users can always come up with the questions and get their problems solved in an instant. Although it is not particularly for the professional traders or the big players, it is still appreciable in its own right. Cryptopia has enjoyed a huge success over the years and it will continue to do so as it has that cutting edge to it that sets it apart from other exchanges.

Cryptopia Customer Support Number