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How To Fix Blockchain Not Showing Correct Balance Error?

Your Blockchain account will always provide the accurate information. However, if you find that your balances on the application are not correct or Blockchain not showing correct balance, you can calculate your balance by plugging in your public addresses on a block explorer.

And while calculating the balance using plugging in your public addresses on a block explorer if you find it is showing incorrect you need to follow various steps to deal with such issues. Actually, there are several steps to check your balance and enable or change several settings to fix the Blockchain not showing correct balance error and solve other related issues.

Steps to Solve Blockchain Not Showing Correct Balance Problem:

FIRST METHOD: Incorrect Fiat Value

While checking your Blockchain wallet, make sure if the fiat value of your balance is displayed incorrectly, there may be a problem with the exchange rate provided by our countervalue API or contact Blockchain support. However, if Ledger Live displays the correct amount of crypto assets but not the correct market value, you have to follow the steps below to solve such issues.

Step 1: First of all Go to Settings in Ledger Live.

Step 2: Here in the General tab, change the selected rate provider to another one.

Step 3: Now clear the cache in the Help tab of the settings by clicking the Clear button.

Step 4: This action will force your accounts to resynchronize.

Step 5: If the problem is still not solved, go to Settings > Currencies, and change the selected rate provider to another one for each of your crypto assets.

Blockchain internal server error

SECOND METHOD: Clear the Cache

Actually, while doing the transactions on Blockchain your portfolio are downloaded from the Blockchain network and all such data in the form of cache, is stored on your computer and optionally encrypted with your password. So, you have to clear the cache to delete the downloaded data and force a full resynchronization with the network by following the steps given below.

Step 1: First of all Click on settings and then Click the Help tab.

Step 2: Now Click the Clear button to clear the cache.

Step 3: Here you after reading the instructions Click on Confirm.

Step 4: The application will then reopen to your dashboard.

Step 5: Once Ledger Live is synchronized, your balance should be correct.

Despite following these two methods if you still find your Blockchain not showing correct balance you need to check the network status indicator at the top right-hand side of this page. If it is orange or red, the network service might be degraded causing such issues.

Call Blockchain Customer Support Number for Balance Related Issues

If these steps not worked for you, means there is some serious problems with your Blockchain you need to experts to deal with this problem. And to get online help from experts you can call at Blockchain phone number where certified tech experts will definitely help you remotely to check your Blockchain account why it is showing the incorrect balance. These experts can also help you in solving the Blockchain related various problems with complete safety and precautions.

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