Blockchain Not Receiving Email Problem

How to Fix Blockchain Not Receiving Email Problem?

This is one of the very common problem when you not receive mail into your Blockchain email account associated with wallet. And this problem usually comes when you have not verified your mail account. Actually, when you verify your email account you put an additional layer of security to your Blockchain wallet account to avoid unauthorized access.

So, the first thing is check whether you have verified your mail id or not with security center. If not yet verify the same through the registered mail account and get all your mails into Blockchain wallet. And if you can find here how to verify email with Blockchain wallet Security Center with step wise guidance for all Blockchain users.

However, it takes few times to get email in your Blockchain wallet account. Usually, emails can be delayed by as much as five minutes. And if you not receive mail you can follow various routes to deal with this problem. Below we have listed few steps that can help you to resolve the email not receiving problem in your wallet and if any other help then Contact Blockchain wallet Support.

Blockchain Not Receiving Email Problem

Steps to Resolve the Email Not Receiving Problem in Blockchain Wallet:

Step 1: If you not receive email, first check your spam folder and filter settings.

Step 2: To prevent your emails getting filtered out, add as a contact.

Step 3: Contact your email provider and make sure they’re not blocking or domain or having a system –wide issue with email reception from other domains.

Step 4: However if you need an urgent access to your funds and are not getting your authorization emails you can use your 12-word recovery phrase to restore your funds in a new wallet.

Step 5: Now check if your email provider and verified that our emails are not being blocked.

These steps can help you to restore the problem and allow you to get all the mails into your Blockchain wallet account. However, meanwhile if you face any problem or you are still not getting any mail into your account, you need to take help by calling at Blockchain customer service number where you will get online assistance by experts to solve such issues. The certified technician will definitely help you to overcome this problem.

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