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Blockchain Applications That Are Changing The World

Blockchain can be said as a technology to trust. It has few applications which have the capabilities to how we interact with government, transact, and also verify the good’s authenticity. It is comprised of both the power of the internet as well as advanced cryptocurrency security which helps in providing a safer and faster way to verify crucial information and build trust. The tech community is now involved in identifying other potential use of technology. Blockchain is a record of the transaction. These transactions can be in the form of goods, money, government data, or government assignment ID number.

There are various things to know about Blockchain. In this blog, our Blockchain customer support expert has defined a few applications that play a vital role in changing the world. They are –

List of Blockchain Applications Defined By Blockchain Customer Support Professionals

No matter in which industry you are, Blockchain has the capability to revolutionize the way things are being authenticated. However, here are the few blockchain applications which have its importance and use.

Land Registry

A future-confirmation, Blockchain real estate market is developing new plans of action to associate with potential purchasers and dealers. In Blockchain’s solution, there is no need for an outsider, brokers, and lawyers. Ubiquity got together with the real estate register in Brazil and built up the project that intends to diminish cost while security, improving, and transparency. Ubiquity looks to extraordinary immutability to property ownership information dealt with by the land records office.

Blockchain Internal Server Error


The primary thing which strikes our Blockchain customer support executive’s mind when I consider insurance claim is expanding deceitful cases. Existing cases possibly have high unpredictability, broadened periods, and burden, which can make client friction and a trust gap between various gatherings. Ever ledger has thought of a conveying leap forward Blockchain solution for enterprises where trust, transparency, and provenance esteemed most.


There are consistently questions about the ability of the voting system to secure information and data and protect against possible attacks. Each and every vote has a bigger effect on a nation. Agora gave a Blockchain voting platform to guarantee verifiable and transparent elections around the globe. Agora’s partnership with respect to the Sierra Leone election can be said as a proof-of-concept experiment. What’s more, the fascinating part is, both the outcomes from government authorities and experiments had similar outcomes.

Ride Sharing

These days, sharing a ride is very easy and normal. Travelers pay the driver with either money or credit. Have you ever thought about digital money? LaZooz is an ongoing ridesharing service, fueled by Blockchain. It synchronizes empty seats with travelers continuously, as per their area. By utilizing cryptocurrency technology La’Zooz works with a “Fair Share” remunerating mechanism for both passengers as well as drivers.

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