How To Solve the Issue of Bitcoin Cash Address Showing Invalid on Wallet?

You use your Bitcoin to send funds through your wallet. It can be also used to transfer money or coins to other users. Bitcoin wallet can be used for various other issues. Similarly, you can see or check your cash into the Bitcoin wallet or any other similar platform.

However, sometimes Bitcoin cash address show invalid on wallet or on any other platform. But you can solve this issue and Bitcoin cash address will not show invalid on wallet. And to solve this problem you need to follow Bitcoin customer care number to the step-by-step solution given right below instructed by the cryptocurrency experts.

Bitcoin cash address invalid

Steps to Solve the Bitcoin Cash Address Showing Invalid:

Step 1: To find your bitcoin cash receiving address, to which you can receive BCH.

Step 2: click Request within your Wallet and

Step 3: select Bitcoin Cash in the Currency dropdown menu.

Note: If you are inputting your Wallet-generated bitcoin cash address into another platform or exchange and it is coming up as invalid, this may be due to format incompatibility.

Step 4: You can sue Bitcoin Cash block explorer

Step 5: Using that link you can find the legacy format of your BCH address and send funds to it.

Step 6: Now you will still receive them to your Wallet.

Step 7: However when the transaction shows up in your transaction history.

Step 8: Now you will see only the CashAddr format of the addresses involved, not the legacy addresses.

Step 9: Here they are one and the same for all practical purposes.

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Note: You here for the sake of consistency the Wallet will display only one format. Either format can be used for receiving funds, however.

If you follow these steps you will be able to solve the problem of Bitcoin cash address showing invalid issue. However, meanwhile there could be various reasons to deal with this problem. But if the problem is critical you will be not able to solve yourself, instead you need help of an expert who will understand the problem and will better analyze and solve such problems with assured solution.

Call Bitcoin Customer Support Number for Wallet Issues

To solve the Bitcoin cash address invalid, simply dial the Bitcoin ATM customer care number and get online assistance at your desk. Calling at this helpline number will connect you directly with Cryptocurrency experts who will assist you remotely to solve your problem with best results. And you have any other problem associated with Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency you can also call on this number anytime and get online and assured solution for all problems with complete safety and privacy.