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How to Reset Binance 2FA Lost?

Binance 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) allows you to login into your Binance account safely. If you forgot or lost Binance 2FA you will be not able to access into your account. Here we brought the right instructions to recover 2FA without facing any issue.

What is Binance 2FA?

Binance 2FA is a two-factor authentication that user need to follow while login into his account so that he can access his account safely and avoid chances or being hacked, Binance 2fa verification error.

This authentication process also helps you to know about each and every activity that happens in your account. So, when someone else try to login into your account it will let you know if it is not you then you can prevent or cancel that transaction.

binance 2fa verification error

How Can be Binance 2FA Lost?

There are very much chances your Binance 2FA Lost which can be problematic situation for you. However, it can be retrieved and prevents your account from being misused. Below you can find what are the reasons you can lose your Binance 2FA.

> When You Losing your phone

> The unsynchronized time between the phone and account

> Sharing your password or unique key with other

If you gone through any of the above discussed situation you could be face 2FA issues. But you don’t need to worry about it as you can easily retrieve it.

How to Reset Binance 2FA?

If you lost Binance 2FA due to any reason you can reset the same without facing any issue. Below find the steps to reset the Binance 2FA without facing any other issue.

Step 1: First of all sign in your Google authenticator page and click on the “Lost Your Google Authenticator?” button.

Step 2: Now click on “confirm the application reset” to start the process of resetting the key.

Step 3: You will receive an email on your registered account or email address, click on the “confirm Reset” hyperlink to proceed with the procedure.

Step 4: If you have passed the level 2 verification or have never deposited into your account, you can skip this step.

And if you are entering the last deposit address of which was deposited in your account and entered the wrong address then the system will ask some of the security related question. And if you give the wrong information then your account will be blocked for two hours. Find here the steps to unblock your account and login successfully.

Step 1: Now click on the “Start ID verification”.

Step 2: Select the country from where your ID issued.

Step 3: Choose how you want to upload your ID.

Step 4: Upload your ID card with you holding it.

Step 5: When your Picture is uploaded you will receive an email for the facial verification.

Step 6: Now select that to start the facial recognition.

Step 7: Now start the verification by clicking on the “Begin Verification”.

Step 8: Click “PC Authentication”

Step 9: Now you have to wait for the verification process to end.

Using these steps you can recover your lost Binance 2FA. However, if there is problem or you need help to reset or recover lost 2FA key, you can call at Binance customer service number and get online assistance by experts to solve such issues remotely.

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